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AOD Performance Transmissions and Parts from PATC. AOD Classic Mustang Swap Kit. AOD performance / heavy duty transmissions & parts the others don’t sell. AOD Levels 2 & 3 “Dominator Junior” & “Dominator Junior Extreme”. This transmission comes with a high performance Superior Posi Shift Pac for firmer shifts and more holding power. Extra clutches are added to the direct clutch drum (Alto Red Eagle Power Pack). This is 40 to 60% more than stock. The direct clutch is the weak point in the stock AOD transmission. The stock overdrive band is replaced with a Carbon Fiber band. The intermediate roller clutch snap ring is replaced with a spiral plus locking ring. This snap ring is prone to jumping off on hard high speed 1-2 shifts. We install a super hard input shaft because the stock input shaft is bad about breaking with performance / heavy duty use. The Dominator Junior transmission comes with the #14 performance torque converter with your choice of 1800, 2500 or 2800 stall speeds. No trade-in needed on this one, the core charge is in the price. This transmission fits all small block Ford motors. Good for motors up to 550 horse power using pump gasoline, see chart below. Add torque converter upgrade if needed. Very good for towing in overdrive because it has an A+ overdrive servo with more holding force on the band. The A+ servo is 11% larger than the largest AOD servo Ford ever made.

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