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6R80 Deep PML Cast Aluminum Pan. This pan is designed for 6R80 trucks

$ 240.00

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This heavy duty, extra capacity transmission pan fits the Ford 6R80 transmission.

This pan is designed for 6R80 trucks:

  • Cooling — extra capacity, fins, and aluminum construction for reported temperature drops of 25 to 35 degrees

  • Clearance — medium height maintains clearance

  • Drain plug — on the side for safety

  • Secure seal — machined flat gasket flange for a leak free seal

  • Strength — high quality, thick walls

Some vehicles with the Ford 6R80 transmission are:

  • Ford F–150, starting with some 2009 models

  • Ford Expedition, 2008 to present

  • Ford Explorer and Sport Trac, 2006 to 2010, 6R60 transmission

  • Lincoln Navigator, 2008 to present


Ford Explorer and Explorer Sport Trac SUVs with the 4.6L V8 from 2006 to 2010 have the similar 6R60 transmission and this pan has been successfully installed on several of these. It is a very close fit and two bolts are difficult to access. Recommend temporarily removing the cross member or using a ball head t handle hex wrench. Other vehicles with the 6R60 may also be able to use this pan.

Configurations vary so please check if this pan will work for you being ordering. To find out if this pan will fit your vehicle, make sure you have the 6 speed 6R80 transmission. Look at your stock pan and see if it is the same shape and number of bolts. Then look for clearance for a larger pan. See if your vehicle has anything like frame cross members or exhaust that would be in the way of a larger pan.


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