6R80, Exedy Stage 1 Friction & Steel Module is our answer for the daily driven mustang up to 500 HP

$ 478.00


#S1EX. Exedy Stage 1 6R80 Friction & Steel Module is our answer for the daily driven mustang up to 500 HP. This kit was designed to be a drop in replacement for the factory clutch packs. These clutches have been tested in a 500 HP mustang for the last 2 NMRA seasons, and still going strong, and consistent. This friction material was designed to withstand the heat and stress of drag racing, while maintaining a friction coefficient that does not result in drivability complaints. This same friction Kit also works in the ZF6HP26, for you European hot-rodders. We are proud to release this first in a long line of performance friction modules. We have not come to just compete, but to conquer! So go BIG, or go HOME!

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Weight16 lbs
Dimensions24 × 16 × 7 in


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